Tim Brand


Tim Brand is a leading expert in international non-profit work. In 2009, he established Many Hands for Haiti (MH4H), an official 501©3 organization based in Iowa. As CEO, Tim oversees U.S. and Haitian operations for Many Hands, reaching over 25,000 people. He strives to establish best practices for sustainable development, while building up individuals to transform together, to be love in action, in a broken world.

Tim continues to work tirelessly to bring life-transformation to the people of Haiti and the U.S.

Laura Nicholson

IMPACT Manager

Laura Nicholson first went to Haiti back in 2015 and since then has been back 7 times, including an internship through Many Hands. In 2019, Laura joined the Many Hands team full-time. Using her passion to build community, she strives to develop intentional experiences for those who go on The Impact Journey — encountering and embracing everyone’s unique story and purpose.
Laura holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Theology with a Masters of Arts in Communication focused in Public Affairs and Advocacy.

Sarah Gyolai

Curriculum Development

Sarah Gyolai is committed to encouraging and discipling others in their spiritual development. Whether she’s homeschooling her three daughters, hosting small women’s events or developing curriculum and teachings for the Impact Journey, this passion is evident in her days.

Sarah and her family partner with another family to foster spiritual development through community, hospitality and refuge at Black Oak Ministries in Harriman, TN.
Core Support Team

Amanda Roberts

Judd Nelson

Miranda Nikkel

Pam Osborn

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