What is IMPACT?

We experience God’s love in action through community when we step out of our comfort zone, climbing the mountain of faith with our Heavenly Father. Uncovering our unique story in the midst of God’s global story, we will inspire growth in 1,500 people, connecting incredible people from different cultures through shared experiences. 

Through IMPACT trips, we will ask people to reflect on their journey to identify the passion already residing within them, look to the future with expectancy for how God can use them, connect with others in love and encouragement, and commit to being love in action in their daily lives. By living an intentional life, they will take the next step up the mountain in obedience to the One that created them, to live a life of impact.

The goals of IMPACT:



In 1998, Tim Brand, a recent high school graduate, joined a church group to help build a new school in Pignon, Haiti. Through this trip, Tim encountered a transformative flashpoint moment, changing his perspective on God’s global heart. It changed the trajectory of his life.

This was how the idea behind IMPACT was born.


Tim’s experience would ignite his purpose, leading him to found Many Hands, an international nonprofit creating sustainable change in Haiti. As Many Hands grew, so did Tim’s desire to see others impacted.

Over the course of a decade through his nonprofit work, Tim continued to refine the vision for IMPACT, aiming to create these same flashpoint experiences for others. He worked with his team to inspire others to discover their God-given purpose and forever change the lives of hundreds of people.


In 2020, with the world experiencing the effects of COVID-19, IMPACT trips came to a halt. Instead of seeing this as a roadblock, Many Hands saw this as an opportunity to go deeper into the purpose of IMPACT. During this time, IMPACT was refined, expanded, and new geographic locations were identified. The goal was to go beyond the trip and instead invite people to discover a life-long journey. 


In 2021, pilot programs were launched, with the goal of a full 2022 relaunch of IMPACT. With multiple destinations, groups and individuals are invited to take a journey with their heavenly Father, reflecting on their past, dreaming what is possible for the future, connecting with others in love, and committing to be love in action.


The goal of 2022 was to fully relaunch IMPACT and send teams back to Haiti to experience God’s global heart. Unfortunately, we were not able to send IMPACT teams like we had originally planned.


2022 became a year filled with conversations, growth, and establishing a clear picture of IMPACT. We are so excited to expand our services and offer a 2nd IMPACT location. 



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